Bad Credit Auto Dealers - You Deserve a Second Chance!

Bad Credit Auto Dealers

Financing is not just a gift for the wealthy. Here’s a surprise—the wealthy don’t finance. They buy cash. Financing is made for everyday people who struggle with debt and past mistakes. Financing is essentially saying, “I can’t afford this now but if you trust me I will pay my dues.”

Well, what happened? Why is it that someone with fair or bad credit doesn’t get the same opportunities as everyone else? The truth is a lot of debt happens because of bad circumstances and just a little bad luck. Things have a way of spiraling out of control when there is a “hole” in your income.

Bad Credit Auto Dealers Are Negotiable

You’re probably wondering if your credit profile is out of our league. Maybe you’ve had a car repossessed or a lost a home or are currently in collections. Maybe you’ve had problems with collections, or owe the IRS, or have had problems with civil judgments. Yes, there are plenty of customers with less than perfect credit, because the recession of 2008 was catastrophic for many.

The recession has been reversing for a while but significant damage was done. According to sources like Population Association:

  • Over 15 million people in the US, all formerly employed, were left unemployed because of the recession
  • The poverty rate escalated after 2008, up 14%. There were over 40 million people in the poverty stage during the recession’s lowest ebb.
  • The number of people without health insurance rose to over 45 million people in 2008.

Even Americans who stayed above the poverty and unemployment level were hit and suffered great losses. Many have even speculated that the middle class population was reduced, as many households had to rely on government welfare programs just to get by and sustain their livelihood.

Yes, this was all bad news, and no doubt, your own personal circumstances contributed to the bad debt situation. Divorce is almost always damaging to credit. Major family events, hospital surgeries, business failure or loss can be devastating. The fact is, these types of situations do sometimes take years to recover from.

However, that doesn’t mean that you are always going to stay in the same place. That doesn’t mean that you can’t work your way backup and restore your credit, starting with our auto loans. We know from experience in working with a variety of borrowers that people with bad credit are eager to prove themselves and work hard to pay off their debt. They appreciate being given a second chance and are making plans to pay back that money, in hopes of climbing out of debt. The truth is, millions of people get out of debt every year, and it starts slowly…by just paying regular and keeping a stable job.

You can do the same thing and you can start by signing up for our auto loan, and getting the car you need to get your life back on track.

Bad Credit Auto Dealers Believe in Second Chances

We have confidence that you can do that too. We’ve heard it all before, the worst stories of bad debt were put upon our desk. Then we took a chance on a borrower that paid off the note and restored their credit to a good rating once again.

The sad part is, bad credit consumers are chased away by everyone in town, despite the fact that everybody needs to drive, work and earn a living, regardless of past mistakes. Sometimes these borrowers are even scammed by predatory lenders who charge exorbitantly high interest rates and penalties.

That’s not what we do. We have figured out a way to offer you a good deal on the car that you need, based on our high volume business model. We have a number of financing programs appropriate for any and all customers. When you work with us you can count on our experience, our track record of giving loans to quality borrowers, and are reputation for the best auto financing nationwide.

You can get started right now and you don’t have to keep waiting for months on end like all those other smug bankers and lenders expect you to do. Check out our 60 second application process and see why 90% of our customers drive away happy.